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  1. Aleph Data Intern – Calling all product & data buffs

    Aleph is data driven. We have an opening for a paid intern position to help us service entrepreneurs, build more data and help define our next data products. Do you love data and driven to learn how venture capital works? We are excited by this unique opportunity & would love if you could help us find "the one".

    We are looking for a product & data buff for an internship role at Aleph.

    When Michael & I set out to create Aleph, we decided to make it an equal partnership, where the person you talk to about your company is the same one that can say “yes” and make an investment. That same partner can, and will, sit on your board if you decide to that you want to partner with Aleph. And, because it is an equal partnership, the other partner will happily spend time helping you build your company if you so desire.

    Since we want to spend the bulk of our time working directly with entrepreneurs on strategy, recruiting, business development and financing the companies, we cannot scale Aleph and our assistance to entrepreneurs without software and data. Therefore, since day one at Aleph, we have been religiously and rigorously collecting proprietary data that we believe will help us and our entrepreneurs recruit talent, assess teams and learn from others’ expertise in a scalable way. We built two software platforms, Ampliphy Karma and Ampliphy People, to begin this learning and data driven scale up. We are learning a ton and developing insights but we have other data platforms as well and a need to enhance our data and make it more usable by the Aleph team and our entrepreneurs.

    We want to take our data driven approach to a new level. So we are posting an opening for a data-lovin’ paid intern with an entrepreneurial bent who loves helping portfolio entrepreneurs with their needs, designing product and isn’t afraid of sifting through, analyzing and enhancing tons of data. The intern project will be a 3-4 month pilot. Depending on what we learn, we may expand it.

    So what’s expected of you?

    1. To expand our existing talent and strategic partner database through drilling into our existing data, analyzing participants of our events, find interesting & valueable patterns and finding additional data sets of interest.
    2. Use the data to help us and our portfolio companies identify and recruit talent. You will be creative both in suggesting how we collect more germane data and in how we use it and make it accessible.
    3. Contribute to and participate in the design of more tools & products that provide value to the Aleph portfolio and to the Israeli entrepreneurial ecosystem (like Ampliphy Karma & People)
    4. You will be a self starter. We will make suggestions and be light-touch managers but we expect you to work your butt off, think creatively and courageously and manage your own time.
    5. You will be in or around the office about half your time. You will be around your computer and our databases 100% of the time.
    6. You must speak English. Hebrew is a big bonus.
    7. You will be a nice person.

    Here is what you should not expect of us nor of the role:

    1. You will not be an investor. Nor will you contribute to assessing investments. There aren’t (and won’t be) principal / associate / analyst positions at Aleph.
    2. This is not a product definition-only role. You will roll up your sleeves and learn a lot first-hand by doing a lot of hard manual research work. You should expect the research services to take >⅔ of your time. Why? Because we are big believers that the way to find what a product should do is by manually doing it first.
    3. You will not be part of the “scene.” You will not spend your time at conferences and events where there is a lot of blah blah and little data. This is a data role where the ideal candidate is a curious individual who enjoys drilling through data and has an interest in the behind the scenes of how venture capital works.

    How do you apply? Simple! Fill out this form.

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