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We are a network in service of entrepreneurs. A network that builds services for entrepreneurs. Having just celebrated another anniversary at Aleph, it seemed a good time to provide an update about what we’ve learned with two years of experience under our belt.

We continue to believe in simplicity and that “different is better than better”, so we want to tell you in a simple way why Aleph is different.


At Aleph, we are focused on networks and network effects. Obviously, we look to invest in businesses with network effects. That is our business after all. However, Aleph itself is a network as well and strives to have significant network effects for entrepreneurs.

We are a network in service of entrepreneurs. A network that builds services for entrepreneurs. A network where all the nodes move in coordination to enhance the whole and add ever more nodes. A network in which when one node is successful it makes the other nodes more successful as well.

At a basic level, our equal partnership model means information and relationships flow seamlessly across our Aleph network. We have a radically transparent and small organization that shares everything on Slack and in standup meetings across our team. This makes our network and information flow in service of entrepreneurs more robust and makes us all more effective and successful as a venture fund.

On a daily basis, we invoke each of our networks and our networks’ networks to help our companies recruit great talent.  Since great talent knows great talent and can recruit great talent, our network gets richer as our companies do. And our portfolio and the entrepreneurs we service continue to also gain the benefit of resources devoted to expanding our online recruiting platform, Ampliphy, which scours for talent across Israel and beyond.

We invest heavily in our investor network to insure our companies get follow on funding, which has enabled our portfolio companies that have reached that stage to raise Series B investments. When Aleph companies are get further funded and demonstrate their vision, it provides validation for the next company to do so and expand the impact of significant Israeli companies in the making.

We have carefully cultivated a network of high-level relationships globally over decades of experience, so our portfolio companies can easily test ideas and find the customers and partners they need. Then when our entrepreneurs give these new customers and partners a unique and eye-opening experience, it enriches the value of the Aleph network and again paves the way for the next company.

We are investing heavily in networking platforms for entrepreneurs such as Karma because your networks can be valuable to each other. You are creating high value network effects which shorten ideas’ time to the market and save others from mistakes. This is a real network effect. When we work together as a strong and unified community working to help each other and the best ideas and executions succeed, we all learn from each other and win.

We want you to continue challenging us to build and leverage our network for everyone’s benefit, and work with us to continue growing into the future. By adding yourself and your ideas as nodes to our collective network, we will all grow and get to play a part in building great, successful Israeli companies.

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