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Dear Entrepreneurs,

Aleph is about you. We, at Aleph are here to serve and service you. Our singular mission is to help you build big, meaningful, lasting and transformational technology companies.

Over the last few years, the world has discovered that the new Israeli entrepreneur is looking to build companies that are global change agents. That is awesome and inspiring. We have been fortunate to be involved with big, globally scaleable businesses such as Conduit, Wix & Aternity that have had a real impact on the world and on Israel. We want to partner with you to build these large transformational companies from Israel. We can and want to do that together.

Like you, Aleph is a startup. We have the opportunity, resources and desire to redefine the kind of support you & the local Israeli eco-system can expect from a venture capital firm.

To that end, we want to use our resources in order to build a series of scalable products and services that help you build a big Israeli company and succeed on a global stage.

So, what are the initial products, ideas and services? (feel free to comment below)

Ampliphy Network

We have spent the last 3 months (while fundraising) developing the Ampliphy platform. Ampliphy is a self service platform that helps you with strategic business development & recruiting. Aleph (sorry non-Aleph companies, it is a closed network) companies will be able to communicate & cross pollinate, search & access Michael’s, Eden’s & (coolest thing) other portfolio companies’ networks in order to recruit the engineering / product / growth / marketing “1st employees” that you need. All this will happen through the self service Ampliphy network.

Aleph Ampliphy

“Aleph Bet”

Scaling still requires learning in Israel. We look forward to seeing you at “Aleph Bet” where executives from Wix, Conduit, Seeking Alpha, Google, Aternity & others teach up-and-coming entrepreneurs lessons of scale. As a bonus, one of the benefits for Aleph Bet alumni is access to our New York offices, located at WeWork and overlooking Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan. We know that traveling into a week full of meetings is stressful enough, you might as well have a place to call home on our Shekel. Oh, and there is free beer there.

We started Aleph because we want to work for you.  So, in this partnership you are the boss. You can regularly tell us how we can help through Ampliphy, the telephone or email. Give us feedback. We want your input on how we are doing and we also want your help for other entrepreneurs in the Aleph network. Together we are building and creating an ecosystem for Israeli entrepreneurs to go big and that requires that we all help each other. Watch our blog and twitter feed (follow us @aleph) for more events and services. We will be rolling them out quickly.

Aleph is a Different Kind of Partnership!

We are very excited that Bruce Dunlevie, one of the 5 founding partners of Benchmark Capital, will be joining us as a special partner in building a new breed of Venture Capital fund in Israel. Bruce knows a few things about building a lasting venture firm and a ton about servicing entrepreneurs. Our gain from Bruce is yours and Israel’s as well.

One of the first lessons we have absorbed from Bruce is to use the power of equal partnership. Eden, Michael and all future Aleph partners will be equal. No politics. This is important for you because when you choose to partner with Aleph and take an investment from us, you can choose which partner you want to work with on your board. The rest of us will be there to fully support you and your team because we are all equally motivated.  Additionally, we will have no principals or associates to vet your deal, crowd your board table or slow you down.

Why Now?

We launched Aleph because we believe that 2013 has ushered in the golden age for Israeli high tech. Technologically, the world has caught up with Israel. The areas where Israel excels, such as big-data, machine learning & analytics, are the technologies and trends that matter most in an environment where data sizes double every year. We, Israel, can lead the world in these areas and we should.

However, you cannot build great companies without capital. And, at this time, the best Israeli companies and entrepreneurs at the post-seed stages are clamoring for the $2M-$5M Series A financing that will jump start their growth & propel them to market domination. Capital alone is not enough to go big. As we said above you will require specific services as well as ongoing connectivity to global markets and partners, recruiting assistance to scale up and long term strategic thinking.

Michael has been an outstandingly valuable investor for Seeking Alpha. He’s introduced us to key business partners, helped us hire key employees, brought us new investors, and provided constant feedback and encouragement. I think his remarkable contribution flows from three things: (1) he’s deeply engaged with our product, (2) he’s extremely well connected, and (3) he’s a very smart, strategic thinker
David Jackson, Founder and CEO, Seeking Alpha

Eden, I must say I’m grateful for the amount of time and effort you invest helping me take the company fwd, getting your hands dirty, any hour of the day.. always with a smile.. freaking awesome, couldn’t ask for a better BoD member, non-trivial – thumbs up
Aviv Revach, Founder and CEO, Commerce Sciences

Together we can create a lot of leverage by empowering portfolio companies to connect, communicate and collaborate. Together we can create an ecosystem that will lead to a significant increase in big Israeli growth companies.

At Aleph, we are community-driven & we keep learning. We want to continuously think with you about how we can provide a better service to entrepreneurs. If you have ideas about how can we better serve and service entrepreneurs, email us at or post in the comments below. We plan to stand out because of our entrepreneurs — not ourselves — so keep the feedback coming.

So what are we looking for at Aleph?

We are only looking for entrepreneurs who want to go BIG and dominate big markets.

Aleph is not for everybody nor for every entrepreneur. We want to work with entrepreneurs that will turn down the early acquisition offer and will risk the “sure” outcome to go for the big opportunity in order to build something lasting. We will be there to help you achieve that. If this is how you see the world, check out our LinkedIn profiles (Michael, Eden) to learn about some of our trusted network; that’s the best way to reach us.

Our office is at Rothschild 32, Tel Aviv. We have an Open Door policy so drop by our fun porch.

At your service,
Eden and Michael – Aleph!